How to Order

If you are new to Maskcara Beauty and need help picking what to try first look to the steps below or contact me and get color matched here! Already know what you want? Click here to head to my Maskcara page to order!


Step 1: Pick your foundation colors

Not sure what color foundation (aka: highlight), blush/lip, contour or illuminator to get? Set up a color match appointment online or in person with me by clicking the button below!


Step two: pick your eyeshadow

After falling in love with their IIID Foundation I tried their eyeshadows and was OBSESSED! The pigmentation was unreal and I love all of the color options! Being able to create my own eyeshadow pallet with ones I knew I would use was a game changer for me! Contact me if you are unsure which ones to try first!


step 3: Pick your compact size

My very first compact was the quad! I kept it simple and loved it! Now I have one of each!!


step 4: Select a pattern

There are so many cute patters for your pallet! I have always been a sucker for marble but I definitely have my eye on that clutch haha!


step 5: select your tools

If you are just getting started I recommend the 30 Second HAC brush and/or the Eyeshadow Everything brush! These were my go to’s over the past two years!